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Full automation with the Sampling System 4.0.

The inline sampling is the foundation upon which quality control takes place. It describes the extraction of a sample from closed processes. After the extraction, the real challenge begins. Ideally, the degree of automation for sampling should be as high as possible to prevent contaminations and other influences or changes to the sample, and to minimize the turnaround time within quality control.

    On-line analysis systems in combination with sampling systems.

    The REMBE® Kersting On-line Analysis Systems in combination with the sampling systems ensure a process-related analysis result and short response times. In order not to alter the identified properties of the sample or even contaminate it, collection systems tailored to the application are used additionally.

    Sampling System 4.0 with Analysis System

    Sampling System 4.0 in standard configuration

    Fully automated and secure sampling from extraction to packaging.

    The fully automated REMBE® Kersting Sample Butler ensures contamination-free filling of a taken sample. Depending on quality standards, samples can be collected in bottles, bags, or other containers. The systems range from a robust bottle magazine solution, where the sample bottles are filled consecutively, to packing machines that collect the material in bags and then seal them flawlessly.

    Combination of Sampling and Analysis

    The degree of automation within a process can be enhanced with additional options. There is the possibility to conduct an immediate analysis of the extracted material within the Sample Butler. With the online analysis system, for example, the grain size, moisture, temperature, and bulk density of the material are checked. The use of the online analysis system ensures a process-related analysis result.