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Overview Sampling

The automatic solution for quality control of your bulk materials. From extraction from the pipeline, mixer, or silo, through residue-free transport to fully automatic packaging or analysis, your samples are always in secure processes without manual intervention and thus without additional contamination possibilities. The sampling system from REMBE® Kersting is tailored to your process and provides data directly into your production line. This gives you a clear picture of your bulk materials, powders, and granules, directly enhancing your demonstrable quality and throughput.

Automatic Sampling System SAMbutler

The secure process management for the entire sampling is ensured through connections with contamination-free conveyor systems and analysis options.

Sample Carousel SAMbutler MIDI

Sampling system for fully automated filling and labeling of samples and retention samples in the chemical, food, or feed industry.

BigBag sampling system SAMbag

With the SAMbag, convenient, fast, and representative sampling is possible, while also minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Truck sampling system SAMtruck

The automatic truck sampling for grain, excavation soil, recycled materials, and alternative fuels ensures quality assurance.

Sample Transport System

If you have a space problem in the area of the sampling point, there is a modular system of solutions.

Containment Sampler SAMsafe

Automated inline sampling system that provides maximum safety and comfort.

Moist Product Sampler SAMwet

Pneumatic product sampler specifically for moist and viscous products.

Sampling from mixers SAMscrewtasty

An innovative device to take material directly from the container wall.

Plug sampler SAMplug

Plug samplers suitable for use with granules and powder, scoring points with easy cleaning and assembly.

Screw sampler SAMscrew

The proven screw sampler from REMBE® Kersting provides a solution for the continuous sampling of any quantity.

Cup sampler SAMglide

Cup samplers are specifically designed for sampling free-falling materials and offer a range of advantages.

Sampling valve SAMflow

Sampling valve for pneumatic conveying lines

Sampling Ports and Probes SAMswivel

This sampler is suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Sampling nozzle SAMtasty

The SAMtasty offers a wide range of applications in various industrial sectors, from food to animal feed.

Control panel construction SAMdrive

Electrical and pneumatic controls from a single source - our technicians handle all tasks in-house, from planning to execution to service.

Sample Analysis

Grain size, flowability, buld density, moisture