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Strain gauge MicroCell

The MicroCell is optimal for retrofitting to existing silos; for a reproducible mass measurement whenever the classical level measurement does not produce the desired result. The measuring cells are used to detect the mass of bulk goods and liquids in column silos. The measuring cells have a particular advantage over level measurements at the top of the silo when core flow occurs in the silo, i.e., the bulk material is only in motion in the area above the discharge opening. Bridge or chimney formation is the result. The MicroCell reliably captures the weight. Furthermore, the MicroCell is a cost-optimized solution, as the mounting is done with fastening screws directly on the existing strut construction of the silo. The plant does not have to be emptied or rebuilt for this.


During filling or emptying, a compression, elongation or shearing occurs in the silo substructure. This path change is recorded by the MicroCell and the mass is evaluated via the transducer. The sensors consist of two semiconductor strain gauges, which are connected to a bending rod with ceramics. Since the two semiconductor strain gauges are connected with a half bridge, the usual temperature drift in semiconductors is compensated.