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Screw sampler SAMscrew

Reliable sampling of bulk materials.

The proven screw sampler from REMBE® Kersting provides a solution for the continuous sampling of any quantity. Whether it's pharmaceutical media, coffee powder, or fine chemical granules, the screw sampler is versatile and can be used in various applications. Typical locations include silos, hopper tanks in bagging systems, conveyance vessels, and fall pipes.

The screw sampler is particularly suitable for materials that have poor flow characteristics or tend to compact. One of its key features is the reverse mode, which ensures the emptying of the sampler and guarantees fresh samples for each collection.

Depending on specific requirements, the screw sampler can be operated pneumatically, electrically, or manually. It can also be used under pressure or vacuum conditions, further increasing its versatility. Suitable for both granules and powders, the screw sampler stands out for its easy cleaning and assembly. Another advantage is its adaptability to various sampling containers, providing high flexibility in application. Overall, the REMBE® Kersting screw sampler is an efficient and reliable solution for sampling a wide range of materials.


During sampling, the screw sampler advances forward into the material. The rotation of the screw moves the material towards the sample outlet. A predefined sample vessel collects the material for further transportation. Before the next sampling cycle, the sampler is operated in reverse mode to return the accumulated material at the sample intake back into the process.