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Moist Product Sampler SAMwet

Moist and viscous.

Processing moist products is significantly more complex compared to dry, free-flowing products. Due to their cohesive and adhesive properties, conventional samplers cannot be used for these materials. To address this problem, REMBE® Kersting has developed a pneumatic sampler specifically for moist and viscous media, the SAMwet.

Whether you want to perform reliable sampling following your drying plant, SAMwet makes it no problem. This device allows sampling of viscous media and is optionally made from Hastelloy C-22, a particularly resistant material. Another advantage of the SAMwet is the stripping of the sample chamber, which prevents contamination and ensures accurate and reliable sampling.

Functionality The SAMwet is connected directly to the process via flange or clamp connection. To extract material, the sampling nozzle rotates into the process, while the inner piston remains stationary and takes up material in the resulting sample chamber. The ridge located in the nozzle ensures that the material detaches from the process. The sample is then pressed into the outlet nozzle by a piston located in the sampler tube. At this point, various collection systems such as the REMBE® Kersting SAMbottle can be adapted.