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Flow metering VASOMETER®

Measure powders and bulk materials easily and cleanly.

The innovative measurement system for the flow of free-falling bulk materials is an optimal solution for controlling process parameters in hygienically demanding environments. With its dead-space-free stainless steel housing and sensors positioned outside the measuring chamber, the device can be easily cleaned and sterilized. The system is designed to be non-removable, contributing to the efficiency of the plant.

The system's design is hygienically engineered, with its dead-space-free stainless-steel housing and sensors positioned outside the measuring chamber. Additionally, the design ensures short downtime as there is no need to open or remove the measuring device for cleaning.

Thanks to in-process calibration, the system can be validated without the need for removal, ensuring high availability of the plant. The system is low maintenance as it does not contain any moving parts and can be easily retrofitted into existing installations. Furthermore, it is suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Powders and bulk materials are fed into the measuring device through a feed system, smoothly guided onto a concave measuring cone which acts as the sensor of the device. The cone redirects the bulk material and generates a force. The downward component of the resulting centrifugal force is detected by a set of sensors positioned outside the measuring chamber and transmitted to a digital transmitter. This measurement principle achieves a measurement uncertainty of up to ± 0.5% - in other words, a measurement accuracy of 99.5%.