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Overview Measuring

The gravimetric measurement technology uses load cells and strain gauges for precise weight detection of bulk materials in various industries, such as the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and energy industries. It allows for representative level measurement, thereby optimizing production processes.

Stainless-steel belt scale UNIBAND®

Stainless steel conveyor belt scale specifically designed for weighing continuous material flows.

Flow metering VASOMETER®

The innovative measurement system for the flow of free-falling bulk materials

Flow metering C-LEVER®

The C-LEVER® ensures precise mass measurement of powders and bulk materials. Mass flow measurement technology for free-flowing bulk materials that can adapt to a wide range of process conditions

Flow metering MicroFlow

Device for monitoring and controlling secondary fuels, as well as for limit value monitoring and mass balancing.

ADAM HighEnd

The transmitter can be used for both static and dynamic measurement.

EVA HighEnd

Transmitter for dynamic measurement.