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In-line mass flow measurement for efficient use of materials

Mode of operation

The C-LEVER® principle is based on a unique patented measurement technology. This gravimetric solution – i.e. the measurement is performed in free-fall – is the only one of its type in the world and permits extremely accurate, friction-compensated weighing of bulk goods. The system can achieve an accuracy of up to 0.5%, even when the bulk goods have completely different properties. (min. material flow 50 kg/h, min. material density 0.3 t/m³).


From pre-loading trucks to mixing and blending products: C-LEVER® is the ideal solution for weighing all kinds of powders and bulk materials. Due to its low height, it not only requires very little space but is also quick and cost effective to install. Reliable results, even when weighing materials with different bulk densities: C-LEVER® is the mass flow measurement solution for weighing free-flowing bulk materials that really works.

  • Accurate loading and unloading for reliable inventory control.
  • Easy-to-install: No specialists required.
  • Available in a wide variety of materials and therefore also suitable for use with highly abrasive products.
  • Simple compressed air cleaning to remove materials which stick lightly to surfaces.
  • Low maintenance: No moving parts means virtually no wear and tear.
  • High accuracy even with variable conveyor outputs (e.g. screw conveyor) and pulsating  product flows (e.g. rotary valve).
  • Minimal space requirements: Compact design
  • Suitable for use even at high temperatures of up to 160°C, e. g. in the plastics industry when removing hot ash from power plants or for monitoring chemical dosing processes.
  • Can also be used in potentially explosive areas.
  • Custom designed intake funnels and outlet adapters for various pipes or irregular angles.

    The C-LEVER® principle is based on a unique patented measurement technology.