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Blind Cap

A blind cap, also known as a blanking disc or blind flange, is a device used to securely seal a pipe section or connection in a process system. In the context of bulk material sampling, blind caps could be used in several scenarios:

  1. Safety Applications: Blind caps can be used to safely seal a connection when it is not in use. This can be particularly important in systems where the bulk material is under pressure or potentially hazardous.
  2. Maintenance and Inspection: Blind caps can also be used to securely seal a pipe section or container during maintenance or inspection work. After the work is completed, the blind cap can be removed, and normal operation can resume.
  3. Sampling: In some cases, a blind cap could be used to seal a sampling port when it is not in use. This can help prevent contaminations and ensure that no materials leak out of the system.

In general, it is essential that blind caps are securely installed and properly maintained to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the system. The blind cap should always comply with the specifications and requirements of the respective system.