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DIN standard

There are various standards and norms that can be relevant to the sampling of bulk materials, and these can vary depending on the industry, country, and type of bulk material.

In Germany and many other European countries, the DIN EN 14778 series of standards is relevant. This standard describes methods for the manual, semi-automatic, and automatic sampling of bulk materials from stationary heaps and flowing bulk material streams.

The DIN EN ISO 13909 series of standards is another important series of norms that relates to the sampling of hard coal and brown coal. These standards provide detailed descriptions of how samples of these materials should be taken to obtain representative samples.

It is important to note that these standards are regularly reviewed and updated, and there may be other relevant norms depending on the specific circumstances. Therefore, it is always advisable to refer to the most current norms and guidelines and to consult an expert or competent authority in case of uncertainties.

Additionally, in certain industries or for specific types of bulk materials, there may be industry-specific standards and guidelines. It is, therefore, important to familiarize oneself with the requirements applicable to the specific circumstances and the specific bulk material.