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A flange is a mechanical component used to connect two parts of a system. In the sampling of bulk materials, a flange is often used to connect a sampling system to a container or pipeline.

The way a flange is used in a sampling system can vary. For example, it could be part of an automated sampling unit connected to a silo or conveyor. The flange would be used to securely and tightly attach the sampling unit to the container or pipeline. This allows the sampling unit to extract samples without material leaking out or contaminants entering the system.

When using a flange, it is essential to ensure that it is correctly installed and maintained. Improper installation or poor maintenance of the flange can lead to leaks that may compromise the safety of the sampling system and the accuracy of the sampling process.

Overall, the flange is a critical component in many bulk material sampling systems as it provides a secure and effective connection between the sampling unit and the system from which samples are taken.