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Flush agitators

A flush agitator is a device used to mix bulk material in containers, such as silos or storage containers. It is designed to be mounted close to or directly on the wall of the container to allow for the most efficient mixing and to prevent accumulation or clumping of material on the walls.

Here are some aspects of how a flush agitator works:

  1. Positioning: Flush agitators are designed to be mounted close to the inner wall of the vessel. This allows them to move the material directly on the wall, thus avoiding accumulation or clumping that could affect the flow of the material.
  2. Mixing: Agitators work by rotating or moving to mix the material in the vessel. This can help ensure uniform consistency and composition of the material, which is important for representative sampling.
  3. Sampling: In some cases, a flush agitator can also be used for sampling. By moving the material, the agitator can take a representative sample of the material for analysis.

It should be noted that the exact function and design of a flush agitator may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. For example, some agitators may have special features or adaptations for certain types of bulk material or specific applications.