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Hardox is a high-strength, wear-resistant steel material manufactured by the Swedish company SSAB. It is used in many industrial applications where hardness and wear resistance are required, such as in the mining and construction industries, heavy industry, and the manufacturing of heavy-duty vehicles.

In the context of bulk material sampling, Hardox could be used for the production of sampling devices or components that come into contact with the bulk material. Due to its hardness and wear resistance, Hardox is well-suited for use in rugged environments or when working with abrasive materials. For example, it could be used for manufacturing sample scoops, drills, cutting tools, or other components of sampling equipment.

However, it's important to note that not all bulk materials or sampling applications require a material like Hardox. In some cases, less robust or more cost-effective materials may suffice, while in other cases, specialized materials may be necessary, especially if the bulk material contains corrosive or reactive substances. Selecting the appropriate material for sampling equipment depends on various factors, including the type of bulk material, specific sampling and analysis requirements, and applicable safety and quality standards.