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Inlet Funnel

An inlet funnel is often used in the sampling of bulk materials in industrial or agricultural settings. This funnel is typically employed in automated sampling systems where it serves to continuously or periodically collect samples from the flow of bulk material.

Here are some application scenarios:

  1. Processing plants: Inlet funnels can be used in a variety of facilities that handle bulk materials, such as grain mills, cement plants, or coal power plants. They enable continuous monitoring of the quality and properties of the material flowing through the facility.
  2. Agriculture: Inlet funnels can be used in the sampling of agricultural products such as grains or animal feed. This can be important to check the quality of the harvest or to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.
  3. Mining: In the mining industry, inlet funnels can be used to sample ores or other extracted materials. This helps to determine the concentration of valuable minerals or potential impurities.

The inlet funnel is placed at a point in the material flow where a representative sample can be taken. It diverts a portion of the bulk material into a collection container. The precise positioning and construction of the funnel may vary depending on the specific requirements of the sampling system.