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Lot number

The lot number, also known as batch number, is a unique identifier associated with a specific production lot or batch of a product. In the sampling of bulk materials in the context of the food and feed industry, the lot number has a special meaning:

  1. Identification: The lot number allows the identification of a specific batch of a product. Each lot is manufactured under similar conditions, and the lot number connects all the units within that lot to each other.
  2. Traceability: If a problem occurs with a product (e.g. contamination), the lot number allows quick identification of all products within the same lot. This is crucial for recalls and investigations.
  3. Quality Control: As part of quality control, the lot number can be used to ensure consistency within a batch. This helps to monitor production and ensure that all products within a lot meet quality standards.
  4. Documentation: The lot number is recorded in all relevant documentation, including bulk sampling. This allows for a clear record of all the tests, analyses, and procedures that have been applied to that specific lot.
  5. Compliance: The use of lot numbers is required by law in many jurisdictions. This helps to ensure that the industry complies with applicable food and feed safety regulations.

In summary, the lot number in bulk sampling allows for accurate identification, traceability, quality assurance and compliance with food and feed regulations. It is an indispensable tool for ensuring integrity and safety in food and feed production.