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Measuring cone

A measuring cone is a device used in bulk material sampling to sample the material continuously and representatively. It is found in various industries where bulk materials are processed or transported, such as mining, food, agriculture, and chemicals.

Design and function

The measuring cone usually consists of a conical container that is inserted into a material flow. When the bulk material flows over the measuring cone, some of the material is fed into the container while the rest continues to flow. The container may have an outlet through which the collected material can be drained, or another method may be used to collect the sample.


  1. Continuous sampling: Measuring cones allow continuous sampling of bulk material by constantly taking a small amount of the material from the main flow.
  2. Representative samples: Representative samples can be taken through the use of measuring cones, as the material is sampled evenly over the entire cross-section of the river.
  3. Integration into existing systems: Measuring cones can be integrated into existing material handling systems, such as conveyor belts, chutes or pipes.
  4. Versatility: Measuring cones can be used for a wide range of materials and particle sizes, making them a versatile solution for many types of bulk solids.
  5. Automation: In some cases, the measuring cone can be integrated into an automated sampling system that fully automates sampling, preparation and analysis.


The measuring cone is a useful tool in bulk material sampling, which is used in various industries to take continuous and representative samples. By integrating with existing material handling systems and the possibility of automation, the measuring cone can provide an efficient and effective solution for material sampling.