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Mobile screw sampler

A mobile screw sampler is a device used to sample bulk materials, such as grain, coal, ores or other bulk materials. It can be moved to take samples at different locations in a silo, storage container or conveyor belt.

The exact operation may vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but here is a general description:

The screw sampler usually consists of a tube or sleeve with a screw or twist drill inside. The screw sampler is fed into the bulk material, with the screw rotating and conveying the material into the pipe. As soon as a sufficient amount of material has been collected, the auger is stopped and the pipe is retracted. The sample can then be removed from the tube and taken for analysis.

A movable screw sampler may be mounted on rails, wheels, or any other device that allows it to be moved over the surface of the bulk material. This makes it possible to take samples from different depths or locations in the bulk material, which can be important for representative sampling.

There are several advantages to using a screw sampler. It can take a representative sample of bulk material without the need to move a large amount of material. In addition, it is usually easy to use and can be used in different places, allowing flexibility in sampling.