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Plain Bearings

Plain bearings are a type of bearings commonly used in machines and mechanical systems to reduce friction between moving parts and enable smooth motion. In the sampling of bulk materials, they can be utilized in various parts of the sampling system, especially in those containing movable components.

A good example would be the use of plain bearings in an automated sampling system. These systems often consist of moving parts that enable continuous or periodic sampling from a bulk material stream. Plain bearings can be employed in the moving parts of these systems to ensure smooth and reliable motion.

They might also be used in rotating or oscillating sampling devices such as screws, tubes, or cylinders that plunge into the bulk material to extract a sample. The use of plain bearings in these devices can contribute to uniform and efficient sampling.

It's important to note that plain bearings need regular maintenance and replacement as necessary to ensure their effective functioning and not compromising the sampling system. The specific maintenance requirements may vary depending on the particular design of the sampling system and the type of plain bearings used.