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A piston rod is an important part of many sampling devices, especially piston samplers, which are often used to sample bulk materials. The piston rod has several important functions:

  1. Movement of the piston: The main function of the piston rod is to move the piston in the sampler. By moving the flask back and forth, it opens and closes the sampler's opening, allowing the bulk material to enter and be trapped in the sampler.
  2. Depth of sampling: The length of the piston rod can also determine the depth to which the sampler can be inserted into the bulk material. This is especially important when sampling large quantities of bulk material or materials stored in deep containers or silos.
  3. Handling and control: The piston rod also serves as a handle or control mechanism that allows the operator to handle and control the sampler. This can improve the accuracy and safety of the sampling process.

In general, therefore, the piston rod plays a central role in ensuring that the piston sampler functions effectively and safely and that representative samples of the bulk material can be taken. It is important that the piston rod and piston are well matched and that they are properly maintained and cleaned to ensure optimal performance.