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Sealing scraper

A "sealing scraper" (or seal scraper) is an essential element in many sampling devices used for the sampling of bulk materials. The main purpose of a sealing scraper is to ensure that no residual material remains adhered to the parts of the device that could contaminate the next sample.

When the sample is taken from the bulk material, the sampling cylinder or sampling auger draws the material into a chamber in the device. After the material has been sampled, the sealing scraper moves along the cylinder or auger and removes any remaining material that may have adhered to the walls. This ensures that the sampling device is clean and free from residues before the next sample is taken.

This is particularly important in applications where accurate, representative sampling is crucial, and cross-contamination must be avoided. By using a sealing scraper, users can ensure that each sample is untainted and representative of the respective bulk material.