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Swivel Sampler

A "swivel sampler", also known as a rotary sampler or swivel sampler, is a tool for sampling bulk material that is particularly suitable for sampling from larger containers or silos. This type of sampler consists of a long rod with one or more chambers or slots that can open and close to accommodate a sample of the material.

The sampler is inserted into the container, and the chamber or slot is opened to receive a sample of the bulk material. Then the chamber or slot is closed to hold the sample securely while the sampler is removed from the container. This process can be repeated several times to obtain representative samples from different depths in the container.

The term "swivel" refers to the sampler's ability to rotate or pivot, which makes it possible to take samples from different areas of the container. This can be particularly useful to ensure uniform sampling over the entire cross-section of the vessel or to reach specific areas within the container.

Swivel samplers are available in different sizes and designs to serve different types of bulk materials and different applications. They can be made of various materials, including stainless steel, plastic, or other materials, depending on the specific needs of sampling.