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Inline Material Sampling

Inline material sampling in the context of bulk material sampling refers to a method where samples are taken directly from the flowing product stream while the production or transportation process continues.

The inline method is often used in industrial applications when continuous or frequent samples are required, such as for ongoing quality control or process monitoring. An essential advantage of this method is that it allows for nearly uninterrupted monitoring of the product stream and causes minimal or no disruptions to the production or transportation process.

In inline sampling, an automated or mechanized sampling system is often used, which is integrated into the production or transportation process. This system can be operated manually or programmed to take samples at predetermined times, intervals, or under specific conditions.

It's important to note that inline sampling must be carefully planned and executed to ensure that the samples taken are representative of the entire product stream. This may involve proper positioning and adjustment of the sampling system, correct handling and storage of samples, and possibly special measures to prevent contamination or distortion of the samples.